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Although better known as a glass artist, Ryan has been a keen photographer since he was very young. He grew up in the Columbia Valley where his family has lived for over a century. He currently enjoys spending his summers working as a guide in the local mountains with his camera always at hand.


Denise Hoffgaard

Denise is originally from Germany and came to Canada in 2018. She immediately fell in love with the beautiful East Kootenays and continues to work on her nature & wildlife photography career.


Ross MacDonald

Retired from a career in the mountain national parks, Ross is a keen naturalist and amateur nature photographer. He observes the word “amateur” comes from the Italian root amatore, meaning “to love” and perfectly describes how a love of wild things inspires his photography. Ross is the chair of the Wings Festival.




Originally from Romania, Dalia moved to Columbia Valley in 2021 for the more relaxed lifestyle and to enjoy its natural beauty. An amateur photographer with a love of wildlife, she has travelled extensively and appreciates all that the valley has to offer.


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